Surfers at Dawn 30x40, Oil

My love of nature and abstraction find a happy union in the painting of landscapes. My paintings capture the essence of the coastal plain and surrounding rustic area of South Texas. I challenge myself to show the many changes of light surface reflection in my world, the fleeting emotion, the still moments of beauty and quiet solitude.

I work exclusively with oil paints, which are optimal for longevity and give a museum-like quality. I typically stretch my own linen-canvases and I feel comfortable working anywhere from 8 in x 10in to 48 x 72 in (4ft x6 ft). Giving life to a patron's vision is my specialty. Let me bring your vision to life.

I am a South Texas-based freelance artist and Board Secretary for Brownsville Museum of Fine Art. She specializes in Oil painting and offers advanced private art lessons.